GARDEN of LIFE - we grow your future !

 Due to the corona hysteria, the resulting lack of tourists and the strict regulations of the local authorities, we closed down our tourism activities and remain closed for public


BUT on the other side, we expand our ORGANIC and PERMACULTURE farming - in order to grow your and our future !

In the light of the Corona Pandemic, our core statement "we grow your future" takes on even more meaning ! We are convinced that if we do not stop contaminating our food with chemical pesticides, herbicides and fungicides, we will be confronted with an ever growing number and even much more dangerous viruses.


The same is true for the meanwhile global, excessive use of anti-biotics, especially in agriculture and animal husbandry. Once a "silver bullet" against bacterial infections, today more and more bacteria are mutating and proving to be resistant to various antiobiotics. In 2019, such resistant bacteria claimed over 35,000 lives in the USA alone and more than 2 million people were infected, many of whom had to be hospitalized.

In the name of our children and grandchildren, from whom we have borrowed this earth, we call upon all of us to pay much more attention to a harmonious balance with Mother Earth and to reduce the consumption of contaminated food as much as possible, and to consume our food from environmentally friendly and organic cultivation. Mabe this is the final call from nature - for you, for me, for all of us ...


Our permaculture farm is situated in the Shimba Hills, only a 20min drive from Diani Beach - if you want to pay us a visit welcome, karibu sana !


We sell 100% ORGANIC, locally and sustainably produced products - visit our online-shop or call us / whatsapp for your order. thank you very much.

Best wishes from Shimba Hills - stay healthy and be the change yourself you want to see in this world !

  Mario & Taabu and the GARDEN of LIFE Team


The fundamentals of our approach





Since we set a high value on data protection and privacy, and don't want to support the commercial data collection of huge multimedia companies, we have decided to ban the well-known DATA KRAKEN like fakebook, twitter, instagram and similar from our website and have deleted our corresponding accounts there (as far as this is even possible !!) - thank you for your understanding.