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News June 2021:

We have sold our Eco-Lodge with projects. The new owners would like to continue the previous concept with project work, cultural exchange and retreat centre in a similar way. Here is the website of the new owners:


We wish the new owners much success, fun and joy in this beautiful place.

Our team will continue organic farming with fruits and vegetables as before.


2. Diani-Beach based Restaurants, Hotels and private customers help to boost our project

"Drinking water for the villagers"


  "The triple-win situation:"



By buying our fabulous drinking water, you support our villagers. We give hundreds of jerry cans of pure, clean drinking water to our villagers every day at a symbolic price, because there is no clean and good drinking water available in the whole village. With the sale of our high-quality drinking water in Diani, we finance this project. So it is a triple win situation:

  1.  for the villagers   (finally having access to pure drinking water and enjoying it at a rather symbolic price)
  2.  for you as a consumer   (a wonderful tasting and high quality water for an unbeatable price)
  3.  for the environment  (refilling instead of throwing single-use plastic bottles/very short transport routes)

Please support our project by purchasing our water but also please spread the word within your friends and businesses. we deliver at your doorstep in the area of Diani and have already several Restaurants and Lodges which are using our drinking water and are very very happy with it ! For project-details please klick here


Our independent laboratory test results are public available for viewing at our online-shop.


3. Due to overwhelming success and increasing demands we are expanding our organic & permaculture plantation for vegetables and herbal plants


In the light of the Corona Pandemic, our core statement "we grow your future" takes on even more meaning ! We are convinced that if we do not stop contaminating our food with chemical pesticides, herbicides and fungicides, we will be confronted with an ever growing number and even much more dangerous viruses. therefore please


let the food be thy medicine


the medicine be thy food !



We are offering a limited quantity of healthy organic fresh produce, fruits, jam, solar-dried mangoes, pineapple or bananas, roasted or raw cashew nuts, coconuts fresh and desiccated, and other products.


Depending on the season you might find fresh produce from cherry tomatoes to fennel and herbal plants from Ysop to Estragon or italian parsley - fresh fruits from juicy limes and grapefruits to sweet mangoes and baby bananas. Please be aware that our production completely depends on climate and season - so please always checkout either in our online-shop or by mailing/whatsapping with us what products are currently available.


Our small permaculture farm is situated in the Shimba Hills, only a 25min drive from Diani Beach - if you want to pay us a visit welcome, karibu sana !


We sell 100% ORGANIC, locally and sustainably produced products - visit our online-shop or call us / whatsapp for your order. thank you very much.

Best wishes from Shimba Hills - stay healthy and be the change yourself you want to see in this world !

  Taabu & Winnie Lichina with support of Mario

The fundamentals of our approach





Since we set a high value on data protection and privacy, and don't want to support the commercial data collection of huge multimedia companies, we have decided to ban the well-known DATA KRAKEN like fakebook, twitter, instagram and similar from our website and have deleted our corresponding accounts there (as far as this is even possible !!) - thank you for your understanding.