our project work

We believe that as managers of a eco-tourism project, we have a special responsibility here, both in dealing with our guests and with our local population. Eco tourism should not "only" express itself in environmentally friendly behaviour, but also consider the "social impact", i.e. the footprint we leave behind.

For these reasons and because we believe that we should offer the local population help to help themselves in order to improve their quality of life, we have decided to make project work an important part of our corporate philosophy.

We would be very happy if you as a guest, as a neighbour, as a European living in Kenya or simply as our friend decide to support our work in any way.

Asante sana sana !!

With our local project work we cover the following topics:

(please note that not yet all of the topics are translated into english - we work on it and appologize for any inconvenience)