our garden of life - your timeout


The origin: Our 23'000m2 tropical garden is a tribute to the Lodge name ! Enjoy the relaxed serenity of our over 500 matured trees. Admire hundreds of butterflies flying from flower to blossom and searching for nectar. Pick yourself a fresh orange, mango, carambola, grapefruit, guava, cherimoya, lime, or papaya directly from the tree or bush ! Let your heart be touched by the blaze of colour, the scents, or by one of the majestic giant trees.

Meditate under the leaf canopy of a huge mango tree, walk across the meadows and do a breathing exercise. Find inner peace, relax and experience Africa in its splendour.

our garden apartments

Our artistically designed garden rooms well deserve the name "garden apartment", because each one has its own spacious terrace with a view of the large tropical garden. Each room has its own fruit tree in front of the door and is named after it. "Mandarin", "Jackfruit" or "Starfruit". The minivilla "Bamboo-Cottage" is named after the surrounding bamboo trees.

All rooms/apartments are very spacious, uniquely decorated and have beautifully designed bathrooms with rain showers and solar hot water. Due to our self-imposed ecological principles, we do not use plastic amenities, even in the bathrooms. Instead you take your toothbrush out of a bamboo cup and the paper towels are wrapped in a woven box made of palm leaves by our neighbour. All doors and windows are handmade by local craftsmen. Likewise the washstands are made of solid neem wood, the washbasins are handmade of different woods. Enjoy ecological comfort on a high level and with a good conscience.


Karibu sana - Welcome.

Restaurant "the life"

Our restaurant "the Life" is named after the life because we serve you lively, fresh and with love prepared dishes.

We combine local African cuisine (Swahili/India) with international "touch" or vice versa. Enjoy homemade ravioli with Swahili vegetable filling or freshly caught Red Snapper "masala" combined with crisp, garden fresh vegetables and a grapefruit sorbet from our own production or even a Swiss "Röschti with sliced beef filet on mushroom cream sauce" cooked to perfection. Whenever possible we use organic products, preferably from our own permaculture. Of course we take into account the preferences of our guests and are happy to cook vegetarian or vegan dishes for you.

Love goes through the stomach and shows itself (lovingly decorated) on the plate. Take your time and enjoy the (culinary) life with us !

Karibu sana - Welcome !

Patio & Pool

Swim freely, float and let the water of our saltwater-pool carry you. The salt water content is only 0.4% so that you can swim under water with your eyes open without getting reddened eyes like in conventional chlorine pools. Your skin will also be grateful for our mild salt water.


Our Mediterranean patio (courtyard) will woo you with charm and many cheerful colors. Relax on a sun lounger in the shade of our gazebo, perhaps accompanied by a glass of organic wine as an aperitif? Or perhaps you prefer a candlelight dinner by the illuminated pool? Feel at home with us and enjoy the beautiful tropical garden.

Lounge & terrace

Above the restaurant "the life" you will find our panoramic terrace with a fantastic view. Whether for "sundowners" or during the day to relax and read (library at your disposal) or often for a small "get together" with exciting discussions. In the lounge there is Wi-Fi and a fine selection of cool drinks, from homemade organic fruit juice and ginger tea with leaves from the lemon tree to Amarula "on the rocks" or a Kenyan beer.