·        Basket weaving  with our neighbour "Ali"

       learn the traditional basket weaving and make your own souvenir to take home. Day workshop.

 Peacefood with women from the village

      cook typical local dishes like "ugali" "sukumawiki" "bajia" and other vegetarian (mostly even vegan) dishes. Preparation in the traditional way with wood fire and "three-stone-cooking".


      Aloiys our carver from the neighbouring village will carve a figure or a door sign or whatever you like with you from local hardwood.

 Village walk & talk

      experience how people really live here on a 2-3 hour guided tour of the village. How they wash, cook, live, eat, work. We translate for you from Swahili to English.


Village walk & talk
experience on a 2-3 hour guided village tour how the people here really live. How they wash, cook, live, eat, work. We translate for you from Swahili into English.

Village school
Visit a village school with us and let us inform you how a school here works and what challenges the teachers and children here live with. Half day information excursion in the surrounding area.

Women's group
immerse yourself in the strong world of women's groups here in the village. Be amazed how these women help themselves almost from "nothing" and celebrate financial success. Wednesdays about 2-3h in the afternoon

Water for life project
Take part in the "water for life" project. We shower every day as a matter of course and a few metres away from us people sometimes have to walk a long way to get some (clean) water. What does this do to us - what can we do to help the neighbours? Visit with us newly created water points - perhaps you would like to get involved in the project ... Half-day information trip with subsequent discussion.


·        Best of african beaches
Only not far from our lodge the most beautiful beaches of Africa are waiting for you. We organize individual transportation there and back, if desired with lunch or dinner on the beach. Half or full day excursions at any time by arrangement.

Shop a local handicraft
You are looking for a meaningful "souvenir" for your loved ones at home? We help you to support local handicraft and to get fair value for your money for both sides. Half day trip at any time by arrangement.

Mombasa old-town
Immerse yourself in the wild world of the old town of Mombasa. From spice dealer to cloth merchant, from Indian temple to mosque. Visit the market or one of the cookshops in the winding alleys and streets. Full day excursion at any time by arrangement.

Drum and Dance
A typical African drumming evening according to south coast tradition will surely inspire you.  Dance along and discuss with the locals about your life. Evening event for 2 persons and more


·        Kite-surfing
dare to do the extraordinary. With a big kite in the sky you literally take off (if it works...). Let yourself be carried over the waves of the fantastic Indian Ocean. Endless white beaches and the turquoise, warm water frame the adventure for professionals (rent equipment here) or beginners (prof. instructor on site). Taster, full day or multiple day courses


      Although no master has fallen from the sky yet, even adventurous novices can "skydive" here together with a professional. The ultimate kick for adrenalin junkies ... (Half day trip)

Diving and snorkelling

  In Snorkel at the Kisite Maritime Park (National Park in the Sea) you will most probably not only get close to the giant turtles and fish but also often meet dolphins - up close and personal! For beginners (snorkelling) as well as PADI divers. Full day excursion.


Junglewalk In the "Shimba Hills National Park"

onl 20min away from us, we organize a "junglewalk" with a ranger of the "kenya wildlife service". You will learn a lot about this second largest and one of the last coastal rainforests in East Africa. Full day excursion.



·        Wildlife at its best

What is more traditional in Kenya than safari? Perhaps you are the last generation to experience the untouched nature and wilderness with its fantastic range of animals and plants up close. We organize individual private Safaris for you, from a day safari in the "Shimba Hills National Park" up to 7 - 10 day intensive road-safaris in the great Kenyan parks as "Tsavo East, Tsavo West, Masai Mara, Amboseli" or exclusive fly-in safaris to great eco lodges in the world known Masai Mara. In any case an unforgettable and deeply impressive experience, organised professionally and counseld with fairness and according to your budget. Combine your safari as you wish with one or more other projects or workshops from our offer.