the Vision

The vision is at the beginning - reality follows



the Vision of GARDEN of LIFE:


... in the beginning was the idea to create a human and nature friendly lodge, a place for people to meet and exchange.

People of different cultures approach each other, exchange ideas and learn from each other's culture

something that they can integrate into their own lives, something that enriches them in their hearts.

Social involvement, project work with the local population, fair working conditions as well as ecologically responsible behaviour represents the basis for our daily activities at GARDEN of LIFE.

GARDEN of LIFE should be available for people of different origins and independent of their financial means. We offer accommodation in the luxury segment as well as basic accommodation on the campground.


The vision is at the beginning of every action. Visions give people wings and let them creatively create new things. Only the vision makes a concept possible, brings forth a philosophy and carries the people who share it.