We grow with the bravery to do something - instead of moaning that nothing can be done

More and more people are choosing to combine conscious travel with personal involvement in the foreign culture of their destination. They want to give more meaning to their holiday, their journey. These people travel consciously to broaden their horizons, to get to know foreign cultures up close, authentically and often in order to get a little closer to themselves.

The philosophy of GARDEN of LIFE is to define our activities and our approach in such a way that we address consciously living people who want to look behind the scenes of the beaten tourist paths on their journey. On the one hand, we offer you an approximately 23,000m2 tropical garden, uniquely designed accommodation and restaurant for your recreation - on the other hand, diverse, exciting projects and offers to experience Kenya and our village up close, from person to person. "Lively" snapshots as life presents them. The combination is then called "GARDEN of LIFE" or a "Garden full of life".

We offer our guests unique insights into African life as it takes place authentically and everyday. We bring the people here closer to you. Instead of taking portraits with a zoomed-in telephoto lens, you will be face to face with the people here. Observe attentively how their life is going on, what challenges they are facing, what happiness they emanate.

We have put together a comprehensive offer that opens up a variety of possibilities for you to immerse yourself in African life in your own way. Whether you are interested in project work, local traditions, personal adventure or a great safari is up to you.

We provide a professional infrastructure and organisation so that you can relax and enjoy yourself in your own way, according to your budget and schedule, both with us and on your excursions. When you return home and say "wow - that was really impressive Africa, beautiful, enriching, touching", we have done our job well and are looking forward to seeing you again !

Karibu Kenya - karibu Matuga kwa GARDEN of LIFE !