The GARDEN of LIFE - enjoy it and find inner peace !

Our beautiful tropical garden of about 23'000 m2 and hundreds of trees is really a "garden of life" ! Enjoy the relaxed tranquility that radiates from our over 500 trees. Admire hundreds of butterflies flying gently and gracefully from flower to blossom, searching for nectar. Pick a fresh orange, mango, carambola, grapefruit, guava, cherimoya, lime, or papaya directly from the tree or bush ! Let your heart be touched by the colors, the scents, or by one of the majestic giant trees.

Meditate under the leaf canopy of a giant mango tree, walk across the meadows and do a breathing exercise in the green. Arrive, relax and experience Africa in its splendor.

visit our organic garden where we cultivate various fresh produce in permaculture. Our delicious cherry tomatoes with rocket salad or eggplants with coriander could accompany your dinner ...

We would also like to show you our self-built tunnel solar dryer, which works completely without man-made energy and can transform up to 300 mangoes into delicious dried fruits on a sunny day - maybe you take some of them home with you?

Meet our free-ranging "kukus" (original kienieji chickens) on the way, admire a chameleon as it adapts its colors to the environment or watch lizards, millipedes and our busy bees whose delicious natural honey you get for breakfast.

Maybe you like to watch the monkeys jumping from tree to tree with great skill or, if you are lucky, you may see an eagle flying through our trees.

A park full of intact nature awaits you and invites you to leave the hustle and bustle behind and find a little more of yourself. Because we are all a part of this wonderful nature - Welcome - Karibu sana !